What is NikonClub?

NikonClub Singapore is our online community portal for Nikon users/customers to share photos, articles, and receive the NikonClub monthly e-newsletter. There are photography talks/ workshops/ outings/ contests for members to attend and a Rewards Catalogue with NikonClub photography apparels and accessories for exclusive purchase. Registration for NikonClub is completely free.


How do I become a NikonClub member?

You have to own a genuine Nikon product. If you have a Nikon product, simply fill in your details and register your product online. An activation email will be sent to you. Once you have verified your email, you’re done!


What Nikon products do I have to own in order to be eligible for a NikonClub membership?

To be eligible as a NikonClub member, you must own at least one of the Nikon manufactured items listed below:
- DSLR cameras
- COOLPIX cameras
- Nikon 1 cameras
- Nikkor lenses
- Speedlights and other Nikon accessories

Owners of Nikon accessories that are not listed above are NOT eligible to join NikonClub.


What are the benefits of NikonClub?

Being a registered member of NikonClub allows you to access our rewards programme which is based on the exchange of "NikonClub points" for merchandise and discounts. In order to earn points, you must participate in our online activities.

Other benefits of NikonClub include a 3 month extended warranty on your camera body, exclusive invites to NikonClub events, newsletter subscription and regular photo contests.


Are there any subscription fees or charges at all?

Membership is absolutely free! There are no first-time fees, renewal costs or any other hidden charges.


I'm leaving the country. Do I have to terminate my membership?

NikonClub is only open for members who are currently residing in Singapore. Therefore, it will be advisable to terminate your membership with us if you will be leaving Singapore for good. It’s sad to see you go though. If you wish to terminate your membership, please Contact Us.


Why am I not able to log in after I have registered?

Have you received a verification email from us? This verification email is required to verify that your email address is working and valid. Check your junk mail to see if the email was sent there instead, or click on "I need that verification email again" to have it resent to you.

If you still have not received the verification email, you may have accidently typed in the wrong email address. You can check with us by Contacting Us.


When do my points expire?

Your NikonClub points will not expire. However, it will be capped at a maximum 10,000 points. In order to earn more points, you will have to make your redemption at the rewards catalogue first.


I need further assistance. Who do I look for?

Our Customer Support Officers will be more than happy to assist you. You can get in touch with them by clicking on Contact Us. We will endeavour to have all your questions answered.



Why should I register my warranty online?

You can become a member at NikonClub AND get 3 months extended warranty on your camera body. It also allows you to keep track of your warranty expiry dates for all your Nikon products.


What are the requirements to qualify for 3 months warranty extension?

You MUST fulfill all of the following requirements:
- Own a digital SLR camera, COOLPIX camera or Nikon 1 camera.
- 3 months extended warranty applies to your camera body only. NIKKOR lens and other Nikon accessories do not apply.
- Product must be registered at www.nikonclub.com.sg
- Your camera must be covered under the existing one year warranty period. If the warranty period of your camera has expired, you will not qualify for 3 months extended warranty.


I do not own a Nikon camera but I own another Nikon product. Can I register for e-Warranty?

Yes, you can still register your product online. However, the 3 months extended warranty only applies to your camera body.


How do I check the expiry date of my warranty?

Login at www.nikonclub.com.sg with your email address and password. Go to My Account and look for My Nikon products section. The expiry date is shown in the right-hand column.


What about the Terms & Conditions? Are they the same?

Yes! Even if you registered your warranty online, the same Terms & Conditions found on the physical warranty card still apply.


Where can I find the Terms & Conditions for the warranty?

All of the important and relevant information pertaining to your warranty can be found on your warranty card. It can also be found in our Terms & Conditions section under "Warranty".



What is Captures?

"Captures" is where you get to show off your photography work and gain some recognition from it. Display your images here for other members to rate them and with enough ratings, your image will be promoted to the Member’s Choice section, where the crème de la crème of images are exhibited..

Another feature within Captures is the Editor’s Choice section where we will select images to be displayed here, based on how well our editor think it was taken (and a whole lot of other technical stuff like composition, exposure, quality, artistic value, etc.). Our decision is of course, final.


How do I upload images into Captures?

You can upload images at My Nikon Captures or by clicking on "Upload Photo" from the dropdown menu in Captures.


When will my images get promoted to Member's Choice?

The top 30 photos with the most number of likes in the month will be promoted to Member's Choice.


How many images am I allowed to upload?

You are only allowed to upload 10 images each week. Once you have uploaded 10 images for a particular week, you will not be able to upload any more even after deleting an uploaded image.


How much disk space do I have in Captures?

You have up to 500MB free disk space to upload your images to. Simply delete your existing images if you run out of disk space.


How many points can I earn by participating in Captures?

Here's what we're offering to reward you for participating in Captures:

  • 10 points for each image uploaded in My Nikon Captures;
  • 100 points per image if your image appears in the Member's Choice section;
  • 150 points per image upon your image being selected for the Editor's Choice section;

However, do take note that the points allocation may change from time to time, so please refer to our FAQs or the NikonClub Rewards Points Policies frequently for any changes in the points that are being offered.


I need further assistance. Who do I look for?

Our Customer Support Officers will be more than happy to assist you. You can get in touch with them by clicking on Contact Us. We will endeavour to have all your questions answered.


Can I upload images taken by other camera brands?

No, this is a gallery for Nikon users. Therefore please do not upload photos taken by other cameras.


Troubleshooting and Support

I’m trying to register as a NikonClub member, but it states that my NRIC or email address is in use. What’s going on?

Your NRIC or email address is in use because you have registered at our system previously and we already have a record of your account. Please continue to update your account with your existing NRIC. You may want to update your email address and details in your account.

You may Contact Us if you have forgotten your user email and password.


I’m trying to reset my password and the system prompts me that my email address doesn’t exist, but I already have an account with NikonClub. How do I reset my password?

You can Contact Us with your email address and NRIC number for us to do a check in our system. We will revert with the password change.