About Rewards

NikonClub Rewards is specially designed for our members where NikonClub points are exchanged in return for discounts off items that are available in our Rewards Catalogue.

You can earn Nikon points by participating in our online activities:

  • 5 point per day by signing in
  • 100 bonus points rewarded to 30 selected members who log in daily
  • 10 points by uploading photos into My Nikon Captures (Capped at 10 photos per week)
  • 5 points for liking fellow members’ photos. (Capped at 10 likes per week)
  • 100 points if your photo is highly rated and promoted to the Member’s Choice section
  • 150 points if your photo is selected as an Editor’s Choice
  • 20 points by participating in our photo contests
  • 800 points for winning the photo contest
  • 500 points for being the runner up for the photo contests

Earn additional points by completing our occasional surveys and polls pop ups. Points earned in individual surveys and polls differ according to the type of survey being carried out.

There is no limit on the number of items you can redeem. As long as you have sufficient points, you can redeem as many items as you wish. Specific Terms & Conditions apply.